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BioLumic increases crop yields by applying ultraviolet (UV) light to seeds, seedlings, and plants in very specific “recipes” to control their growth patterns.

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Take control of your personal finances. The standard New Zealand startup playbook goes something like this: Come up with a great idea to solve a problem whose market pain you have experienced personally Form a team of cofounders Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)...

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Insurance company Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The insurance industry is ripe for disruption from cloud computing. In the bad old days, each company developed its own proprietary IT systems which created a high barrier to entry for new players.  And it's a big...

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Intrude A Lock

Fitbit for your luggage. I travel internationally by air a fair bit, but always worry about my checked luggage. Has it been "inspected" by security agencies? Have baggage handlers roughhoused my precious belongings? Intrude A Lock is a simple but ingenious device...

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NZ's first commercial Internet of Things platform. KotahiNet is building the first real commercial platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) in New Zealand, which is set to disrupt our daily lives in ways we haven't even started to imagine. Just look at the...

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Flick Electric

Disrupting the retail energy industry with price transparency and great service. Electricity is the world's purest commodity - you can't see it or touch it, and you have no idea where the electrons came from that power your appliances. The equipment that manages...

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Speeding up science through the power of peer review. Scientific research is the key thing that moves our society forward, expanding the boundaries of human knowledge, enabling us to rigorously test which things are true, false, or needing further inquiry. It enables...

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Appointment booking for service businesses. Here are the top six pieces of advice I give to startups: Love your problem. Know your market inside-out. Delight your customers. Start by picking one thing, and do it really well. Be global from day one. Don't settle for...

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Hacking the food supply chain, Out Of Our Own Back Yards. It's estimated that on average, food items in the US travel 2400km to get from their point of origin to your table1. This results in huge quantities of carbon being belched into the atmosphere through...

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Cloud-based management software for talent agencies, as beautiful as the models themselves. Syngency is a cloud-based system for talent, modelling, and acting agencies. It makes it easy to manage their talent pools and market themselves to the industry. It's a...

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Parrot Analytics

One metric to rule them all for the TV industry. How's this for a business model: attract the top talent in a tough industry, and solve their most pressing problem. That's exactly what Parrot Analytics is doing, and although it's early days, so far they're onto a...

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Patient charts in the cloud. What did you do over the weekend? Jack Newberry took a serious problem that's been irritating him for a long time, found a team, banged up a prototype, and built a business around the solution in 54 hours.  Out of Startup Weekend,...

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